Reduce costs by conveying and pre-mixing dry solids at the same time

Solid and Liquid Powder Feeder

Save by harnessing the power of motive liquid.

Our liquid/solid systems allow for precise unloaded measures of a variety of dry bulk ingredients dispensed as a pre-blended slurry directly into your mix tank, blender, or other process equipment. These Liquid/solid systems minimize dust, clumping, and mix times while providing consistency to your bulk materials process.

• Conveys without the need for additional mechanical conveyors, saving you money by utilizing your existing liquid delivery equipment. No additional conveyors also saves maintenance and energy costs, creates less dust, uses less floor space and offers more flexibility in equipment layout.

• Meters powders into the motive liquid stream to maintain proper solid/liquid ratios and to minimize clumping.

• Automatically and precisely delivers dry bulk ingredients as a pre-blended slurry to your mix tank, blender or other process equipment.

• Dramatically reduces resistance and mix times.

• Handles a variety of dry materials for just about any industry.



• Choice of hoist and trolley or fork-truck-style frames

• Bag agitators

• Integral dust collection

• Fast-acting refill gates


• Five chassis sizes, each capable of accepting a range of screws

• Various hopper sizes

• Gated nozzles, toe nozzles or straight nozzles of various lengths


• Self-contained dust control system eliminates need for expensive stand-alone dust collectors.

• LumpMaster® lump breaker gets rid of agglomerations and lumps before solids enter the motive liquid.

• Full instrumentation available to monitor pressure and flow and automatically sense low bag volume levels.

• PLC controls optimize the efficiency and management of your equipment.