Bulk Bag Unloader

The Right Equipment For The Job

Material Bulk Bag Unloader

Maximize Your Bulk Material Purchases.

Our bulk bag unloaders are designed to safely and effectively unload large bags of material. No matter your needs, regulations, or materials, we can provide a system that will quickly and efficiently allow for processing material from bulk bags and into your system.

• Unloads bags easily and safely.

• Assures smooth discharge of your products with a complete range of flow aid options..

• Installs quickly with a two-piece frame, or fits in tight spaces with the low-profile frame.

• Eliminates product loss through spillage and dusting

• Ability to start/stop flow with discharge valve and tie box.


• Self-Contained Dust Control System: These units eliminate dust and loss of product in half the space of stand-alone units and cost 25% less.

• Hoists: Suit any application with optional pneumatic and electric hoists when using hoist and trolley style frame.

• Valves: Get more precise flow control with optional iris or pinch valves. Even retie bags when necessary.

• Material Discharge Optimization: Improve material discharge with optional pan utilizing rubber vibration dampers and electric vibrator (not shown).

• Customized Engineered Designs: Fit tight spaces with a custom-designed frame when you need to work around or straddle another piece of equipment or obstruction.

• Pneumatic Agitator Paddles: Ideal for use with material that is easily compacted or difficult-to-dispense, agitator paddles mitigate bridging and rat holes.

• Hydraulic Bag Conditioners: Designed to break up bags of hardened material (not shown).

Part options for the bulk bag unloader